Toxins Rencare Limited

WE ARE IN TROUBLE! Disease seems to have hitched a ride on a runaway train and we are struggling to cope. From Hypertension to haemorrhoids, or diabetes to cancer we are being battered. Why is this happening? We are swimming in a pool of toxins! We are being poisoned daily; actually minute by minute! Each

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Beating Cancer

Beat Cancer

AGAINST ALL ODDS, YOU HAVE JUST BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER. HERE ARE 3 STEPS THAT WOULD HELP YOU ON THE JOURNEY BACK TO HEALTH. A – AIM TO WIN! the first battle will be in your mind. ACCEPT the diagnosis and prepare for battle. Giving up is for wimps! The first battle is won in

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Mental Health

Mental Health, Positive thought

GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS! Otherwise, they could kill you. Do you know that a moment of ANGER could depress your immune system for up to 6 hours? On the other side of the mirror, a moment of LAUGHTER would boost your immune system sometimes for up to 24 hours! The saying that laughter is the best

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer - Rencare Limited

WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT BREAST CANCER?. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to become AWARE of the havoc the disease is still wreaking 43 odd years after President Nixon declared war on cancer. Otherwise, your options will become VERY LIMITED and VERY ONE WAY – painful illness and inevitable

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Rencare Limited, Oxygen

OXYGEN IS THE FORCE OF LIFE. Without it there will be no life. If you are deprived of oxygen you will be dead in 7 minutes! In 5 minutes, if you are not dead, you will become a vegetable as your brain would be effectively dead. Learning science in school, we were taught that oxygen

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